When you have a sincere quarrel with your significant other to the point where you feel so unloved leaves you empty, broken. I already make myself empty to be strong and to ignore the things around me. But I sit here at lunch, not taking a lunch break to get out and walk. No, I sit here broken and in tears. All of the ones I ever relied on when things go back are gone, no longer here to hear my words. So I sit here in tears hoping that whoever reads this will realize that you are never alone in these moments. You may feel like you have no one to turn to but you do. You have me. If you are of faith you have God. If you aren’t find faith in music or art. Just remember that whatever it is we go through it is to teach us that we a worth more than this moment and we just have to fight a little longer because it is all worth it in the end.

One thought on “Empty

  1. I hope today finds you in a better space than when you wrote this. I hope that the care and concern that you have offered to others has been offered to you by someone as well. Keep writing. You are not alone.

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