Not enough

When she makes you feel like you aren’t enough and that you aren’t sick enough for anyone to take you seriously. Eating disorders are the deadliest mental health condition and when I reach for help all I feel is that empty void. I feel like my voice of recovery goes absolutely unheard and that now I have reached the point where I have made the choice that I will step away from any type of treatment until I am mentally ready to let go. I beg for sleep but I sit here crying myself to sleep in hopes for a better tomorrow. Life isn’t full of rainbows and sunshine. Some of us have to walk through the darker days and hold to that hope that things will eventually at some point get better.


Starting a New Journey

Welcome to my resurrected blog. I used to blog a lot many years ago and it really helped me connect to the world in a way that I could share a platform and help others. This is solely for mental health and all related topics. If you are easily triggered by such topics or are easily offended please take note that all commentary will be heavily scrutinized to the last dot. I am not responsible for your choices.