New Beginnings

It is hard to say goodbye to something so familiar and personal as a blog can be. Xanga was the home to my blog of rants and honesty, photos and quotes. Now with Xanga 2.0, if you didn’t fund their update or have a premium account you lost everything. I am glad I spent all the time I did printing everything out before the original shutdown.


Now here is a place, new and open to set sail on a new journey. Where I will take this I do not know. I miss blogging and now that I am vlogging I don’t want to lose that cathartic pounding of the keys as I put my heart aches and memories on the blog. I know it is easy to keep a hand written journal but I have found that this forum/ style is just as therapeutic and has less hand cramping. 🙂


I will end this for now and see where we go to from here.

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