Finals Week

Study, Study, Study…. that is all I seem to be doing at the moment except I only have one actual “final” exam. I am glad this semester of school is over because it has been an exciting, yet torturous semester. I have gone from one mood to another from Up to Down which means I have spent my time preparing for the end of the semester completely depressed and overwhelmed. School and mental health do not always go very well together. I am just thankful for the professors I have had and how lovely my school is.


My winter break will be full of blogs, vlogs, reading, writing, and a whole lot of nothing. My brain is on this constant hum like when your ears pop, or the sound a t.v. makes when you silence it and leave it on. I am not sure how to explain it other than that. Maybe something more like hearing the air leak out of a tire or such, this low hum of air existing my ears I guess. Some days I can ignore it as long as there is constant noise. However, once night hits and it is quiet this hum doesn’t stop. Oh well. The only bad thing about it though, is it allows my brain to try and interpret sounds around the house into major scary noises that make you think someone is in the house or that someone is talking to you and no one is there. The worst part is that I start to hear music when there is not an ounce of music playing anywhere.


Okay enough bantering on about being bizarre.


Two more classes and tests to take and I am finished for this semester. It has been a wild, fun, exhausting ride but nonetheless I have learned more than I thought I would.


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